Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Retronix Takes Delivery of its New High Capacity Laser Balling System

Retronix has taken delivery of its custom developed high capacity laser balling and reballing system. Developed in partnership with Retronix by a world renowned laser company, the new laser system will be capable of reballing multiple ICs over a wide work area. Retronix is finalising the development of the new laser system and will partner with existing customers to finalise its trialling and commissioning. The new laser represents a significant investment by Retronix and will reinforce its leadership in the market for balling and reballing ICs.

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Retronix Successfully Trials Plastic Core Solder Balls

Plastic Core Solder Balls (PCSB) provide a method of ensuring stand-off height between an IC package and the substrate or PCB. Inside the SnAg sphere is a polymer core buffered by nickel  and copper layers.  Standard Pb free reflow profiles can be used to attach the PCSBs unlike the alternative method of High Melting Point (HMP) spheres.
For RF and microwave applications, PCSBs can provide a predictable and well controlled path length and inductance solution for package attachment to PCBs.

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